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Can't find the time to contact your patients regarding payments?

Introducing Accelerator - Revolutionizing the way that small and medium-sized businesses and organizations handle their Accounts Receivable! Let PCS Medical Solutions, partnered with Transworld Systems help you Accelerate your payments and improve your cash flow with Accelerator. Our service will allow you to consistently and systematically remind your customers or patients to pay their outstanding bill, making sure you get paid faster and improving your cash flow. We facilitate this in your name, not ours. The contact that is being made looks like it is coming directly from you to your patient. Bill Once and You're Done! Contact PCS now to increase cash flow while saving time and energy.



According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the older an account, the harder it is to collect. The Profit Recovery is uniquely designed to work accounts earlier - when they're more collectible. Most businesses wait too long to turn accounts over to a collection agency because:

  >They want to avoid the high cost of traditional collection agency services
  >They fear alienating potentially "good" customers

Profit Recovery works because - it offers a low, flat fee averaging $10 per account versus a high percentage; and provides a diplomatic approach that collects money and keeps the customer.


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PCS Medical Solutions, LLC is the largest independent provider of Medical Software and network management solutions to Physicians offices in the Mid-South. We provide world class service and products to over 400 Memphis area providers.