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Greenway Intergy EHR ver. 9.0 Meaningful Use Ed. has been certified by Drummond Group, an ONC-ACB, in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

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PCS-MS will make your software decision and implementation easier using our highly trained professional sales, project managers and implementation specialists to install, configure and train your staff on the Intergy software.  Hardware, Software, Project Management, Training - We are with you from start to finish and continue with 1st class support.

Greenway Intergy EHR ver. 9.0 Meaningful Use Ed. has been certified by Drummond Group, an ONC-ACB, in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

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EHR - Designed by clinicians and software specialists to adapt to your current workflow and improve overall practice efficiency, Intergy EHR is a comprehensive, yet intuitive electronic health record solution that helps you focus on providing quality care for your patients instead of paperwork.

With specialty-specific templates for cardiology, OB/GYN, orthopedics, pediatrics, primary care and many more specialties, Intergy EHR easily adapts to the needs of virtually any size or type of practice. And because EHR use forms the foundation for meaningful use incentives going forward, physicians can leverage Greenway's proven systems and expertise that has helped hundreds of physicians successfully attest.

PRACTICE MGMT - Designed by a team of practice management and software experts who understand the financial pressures you face, Greenway Intergy Practice Management gives you the tools you need to improve operational efficiency, reimbursement and collections.

Intergy PM features sophisticated financial management tools paired with unrivaled ease-of-use to assist your practice in meeting the difficult challenges of today's business and economic climate. At the same time, Intergy takes your practice to the next level of connectivity with your patients, payers and other providers.


1.   Online access and maintenance of patient charts

Improve practice efficiency by eliminating lost and misplaced charts through electronic management of patient charts.

Enable authorized staff to access patient medical records online, in real-time from multiple locations.


2.   Simplified user interface

Simplify your workflow and focus on improved patient care through intuitively designed user interface features such as:

My Day - a central information source for instant access to schedules, tasks, results, open orders and visit notes.

Split Screen - view selected data types side by side enabling comparison of current and past visit notes. 

3.   Electronic encounter documentation

Reduce the need for costly, time-consuming dictation and transcription with Encounter Note electronic documentation.

Improve coding, achieve meaningful use attestation and qualification for incentive payments and participate in other government incentive programs.

4.   Integrated order management

Create and effectively track orders for follow-up via the Orders & Tasks function. 

Set staff and patient reminders that indicate an alert if an order has not been closed within a specified time period.

5.   Streamlined lab order entry/results and e-prescribing

Easy as 1-2-3, Intergy EHR's new lab order process allows physicians to order labs with ease, reducing potential errors and improving patient care through improvements in usability, clinical workflows and simplified information capture.

Maximize patient-doctor time and minimize administrative burdens with Intergy EHR's new Lab Order Interface. 

Maintain an advanced level of patient care by easily prescribing and renewing medications through e-Prescribe.


6.   Quality care reminders and quality measures reporting

Ensure patients are receiving the best quality of care and that your practice is meeting the clinical guidelines for quality measures reporting, through preventive health and disease management tools that provide reminders of upcoming or overdue care required.

System highlights:

> Server-based or hosted, subscription option.

> Single database with Intergy practice management.

> Full integration with Greenway Medical Manager, Greenway MENDS, Greenway Health Network   and Greenway MedWare.

> Supports HL7 standards for interoperability with third-party vendors.



1.   ICD-10 ready

Continuing our commitment to keep our customers ahead of government regulations, Intergy PM provides you with the tools you need to avoid decreased compensation, ensure payments from services rendered, and increase revenue and incentives from government programs.


2.   Insurance eligibility verification

Eliminate time spent on phone call verification, reduce claim denials and avoid bad debt from uninsured patients with Automated Eligibility Verification.

Ensure patients are covered for services prior to their appointments with AEV real-time eligibility batch verification (based on scheduled appointments) or for individual patients.


3.   Advanced provider and resource scheduling

Make the most of your time and resources with rules-based scheduling.

4.   Patient flow tracking

Improve your understanding of the patient experience from check-in to check-out with Patient Flow Tracking.

Monitor and improve practice performance, financial health, and the patient experience from a selection of more than 200 standard reports.

5.   Claim scrubbing

Save time for both you and your patients by catching errors prior to them becoming red flags with payors.

The optional integrated Claim Scrubbing service lets you "scrub" claims and fix errors prior to submission to your clearinghouse.

6.   Collections module

Reduce unpaid claims with Intery PM's powerful A/R management tool that uses automated reminders ("ticklers"), next actions and collection letters, to attach open guarantor and insurance balances for each plan, to address problems before the filing limit has passed.

System highlights:

> Server-based or subscription-based, hosted option.

> Single database with Intergy EHR.

> Integration with Intergy Practice Portal.

> Full EDI integration with Transaction Services.





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Greenway Intergy EHR has earned numerous certifications and awards for 2013-14. It is one of a few that has been certified by Drummond Group (2014 ONC-ACB). In July, Greenway was ranked No. 1 in an EHR user satisfaction survey by impartial researcher Black Book Rankings. Additionally, Greenway won the Frost & Sullivan 2013 Customer Value Enhancement Award.